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Sri Balagobalan Jewellery Mart Private Limited

Sri Balagopalan Jewellery mart (SBJ) one of the finest sellers of gold, silver and diamond in and around Madurai. It was first inaugurated by S. B. Senthil Kumar in 1992 as a small scale industry with 2 employees , the customers satisfaction on the quality of the products and services made our enterprise the best place to buy jewelry was primary key for increase in ratio in the family having around 30 employees till date. The small scale was then made as the large scale jewelers around 2012 which has become the landmark for purchasing the exquisite ornaments. The uniqueness of our enterprise is that the jewelry will be carved based on the customers design and our collection is said to have an traditional essence as our goldsmiths have experience more than 20 years. The major interesting feature of our enterprise is the jewellery will be delivered to the customers on-demand brings the exact model without even missing the minute detailing in the jewellery which has attracted the customers even to the rural areas in and around Madurai, our organization deals with the B2C having large number of collections to choose for each and every model which fits the customers taste.

What Our Client Say

Customer service and hospitality is good.
Simply superb.

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Super Value for money. Excellent Customer service!!

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H Muqthar

Courtious, tailor made collection with affordable price tag.

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Sundar Madurai

Very nice shopping experience. One of the best jewellers in Madurai.

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N Karthick

Customer care and service is too good. Variety of collections are available

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Deva Anand

The promises of our enterprise include
1. Our enterprise only uses 916 Hallmark gold for making any kind of jewellery
2. Every details are transparent to the customers.
3. The Diamonds used in jewellery are approved and certified.
4. The Purchase of gold for the enterprise are properly maintained

Our enterprise instituted a number of savings schemes to suit the specific needs of various demographics, distinguishing itself a great deal from the run-of-the-mill business practices in retail jewellery and has the collections has been distinguished specific to the events.

The “Sri Silver” exclusive showroom for the silver the overwhelming response and love of the people made us in introducing the showroom which has the distinguished collections of silver ornaments on the latest trend for all occasions, auspicious events.